how to get energyThe scientist from St. Petersburg said that contrary to the traditional orthodox science has found a way to get energy ...


In practice, the invention of the "perpetual motion" can make a real revolution in the energy industry. However, the operating time is that the St. Petersburg inventor professional community estimates with caution. But foreign colleagues have already invited the scientist to the International Energy Congress.

Subject perpetual motion always excited mankind, but until now the possibility to invent a device that would be reproduced without the energy costs of fuel and other  energy resources , denied the science. In particular, the first and second laws of thermodynamics deny the possibility of perpetuum mobile of the first and second kind.

What is the essence of the invention.

Photo from the personal archives of Mikhail Stekolschikova

The thermal power of 80% of all energy, perhaps the presence of three different types of cycles: the cycle isothermal (constant temperature), an exothermic (fuel, "fire by Carnot") cycle and an endothermic (self-cooled, fuel-free) cycle.

French scientist Sadi Carnot in 1824 proved the impossibility of using isothermal cycle for Exergy (performance). British scientist William Thomson (aka Lord Kelvin) in 1851 banned the use of endothermic cycle, ostensibly because of a hypothetical danger of "heat exhaustion sea and land, and ... all the material world." Since then, equipment and technology have gone on to use the exothermic energy cycles, resulting in the widespread distribution of thermal power plants using hydrocarbon and atomic fuel. This has led to the economic, energy and environmental crises.

I discovered and invented for the possible use of endothermic fuel-free cycles. They allow the use of solar power , concentrated in the hydrosphere and atmosphere. The essence of the invention - in the development of technological schemes cycles. Evidence of the opening of a solution of the Gibbs-Helmholtz for thermomechanical exergy systems. Found roots are Exergy values ​​for the desired cycles.

How do plan to get energy.

The first law of thermodynamics prohibits the production of energy and the second law prohibits the conversion of potential equilibrium ambient energy into kinetic energy (or exergy efficiency). People also always requires exergy - it is the "high-quality energy," which can produce useful work. Exergy is manifested in the rotation of the rotor, the movement of the jet of gas or liquid.

An impressive example of obtaining Exergy is given in "General Physics Course" Zisman and Todes, published in 1974. "Ocean ship with an engine capacity of 100 thousand kW  how to get energycould fully ensure the work of his car by cooling sea water, cooling ... 1 m3 of water for 6 seconds, ie, only 10 m3 of water per minute ... And sailing on this, literally, ocean energy, the ship is forced to burn coal or oil. "

With all the exothermic water cycles of power system serves as a mediator between the reactor and the environment. When the endothermic fuel cycle is not required, and water production is a source of exergy. Calculations showed that the recycled water from the thermal power plant can produce 300% exergy produced by thermal power plants, without the use of fuel. This applies to all thermal power plants: including nuclear and thermonuclear. It does not take into account water consumption spent on production and transportation of fuel.

For example: for Leningrad NPP-2 provides a daily release of 200 tons of water into the atmosphere in vapor form.

The enthalpy (internal energy) of cold water, allow to compare it with the pressure of water at hydroelectric stations. To do this, divide the enthalpy of water (360,000 J / kg) on ​​the acceleration due to gravity (g = 9.8 m / s2) to give an effective thermal water pressure: n = 360,000 / 9.8 = 36.7 km. Thus, the effective thermal head of water, about 100 times the pressure of gravity dam hydroelectric. This means that for comparable hydroelectric power endothermic enough to use 1% of the river flow.

Does this contradict the laws of physics?

The proposed loop is designed in accordance with the laws of physics and the principles of Carnot (1824), Stirling (1816) and completely built on the writings of Soviet academician Lev Landau.

It is known that there is a contradiction between thermodynamics and physics. Thermodynamics says that all real processes are not reversible, and physics, that all processes are reversible. Failure to resolve this contradiction has led to huge consequences - energy gone down the wrong path. By and large, correct it could 50 years ago after the publication of the first volume "Course of Theoretical Physics" Lev Landau.

Landau denied the principle of absolute irreversibility prohibiting endothermic cycle. "... Mechanic itself is completely symmetrical with respect to both directions of time ... this symmetry should be preserved and based on classical mechanics statistics.Therefore, if possible ... the process is accompanied by an increase in the entropy of a closed macroscopic system, it should be possible, and the reverse process, in which the entropy of the system decreases. "

Landau denies the principle of the uniqueness of the entered value of the maximum work Clausius. According to Landau, the surrounding "environment, is also involved in the process, makes the result of the ambiguous and the question arises, what is the maximum work that can produce the body for a given change in his condition." And it defines the system exergy Gibbs-Helmholtz equation.

The ability to use an endothermic cycle negated Kelvin (1851) and Ostwald (1893). According to them, a perpetual motion machine of the 2nd kind, ie working at the expense of cooling the equilibrium of the environment is impossible.

Landau returned to the formulation of Carnot: "The engine that runs only through the energy in thermal equilibrium of bodies, would be to practice a kind of" perpetual motion machine. The second law of thermodynamics rules out possibility of constructing this ... perpetual motion machine of the 2nd kind. " That is Landau prohibits isothermal cycle for Exergy and removes the ban on endothermic cycle.