If you imagine that the nucleus had increased to the size of an orange, then the electrons will appear as the point diameter, no thicker than a human hair, fast racing on the orbits distant from the core for several kilometers!

A cup of black coffee (capacity 0,25 L) lies a rather considerable energy. I do not think that I mean the miracle chemical composition of coffee, thanks to which a cup of hot beverage is able to put on your feet tired man. A large amount of energy contained in a 0.25 liter of hot water.

DARK ENERGYScientists have calculated that the share of the visible mass in the universe accounts for approximately 5% ordinary matter, and the rest is 70% - this is the contribution of "vacuum energy", and 25% - the contribution of "dark matter» - a matter we can not see, but it exists.

terrestrial magnetism

As you know, the easiest way to magnetize metal object is to touch them to the magnet. This article will discuss about another, rather unusual and perhaps, like me, an unknown, but very curious way.Perhaps it is not particularly practical, but, nevertheless, this method exists.

Sergey Litovchenko , tall, slender, tanned, fifty, Ph.D., Honored Inventor of the RSFSR, the author of 60 inventions, casually opens a briefcase, pulls out a few details about the size of a bowl, easily connects them and sticks plug into the power outlet.

"The underwater explosion", "underwater storm" - the so-called figurative powerful high-voltage electric discharge in liquid, first obtained an engineer LA Yutkin. He himself called his discovery " electro hydraulic effect ".


Two parallel metal rod, between metal cylinder ... It would seem that this kit is deprived of any meaning, but if applied to terminals a constant voltage, the cylinder begins to rotate. At physics textbooks, this effect is not yet described - Kaluga inventor Sergei Litovchenko discovered it recently.


If you imagine that the atomic nucleus grew to the size of an orange, then the electrons will look like a point diameter, no thicker than a human hair, a runaway in orbits distant from the core for several kilometers! A huge space between them - than it is filled? Nothing, emptiness?!

In the language of science is "nothing" is called physical vacuum. That is a vacuum in terms of modern physics, we talk today.

Gaston Plante was born on April 22, 1834 in Béarn (France). Already in school he chose physics as his specialty, and since 1855, his research interests are focused in the field of electrical phenomena.

batteries for electric power storage Is it possible to «revive» depleted battery ? Some craftsmen know how to do it: through a dry battery discharged special pulse current is passed. This operation sometimes doing a few times. However, she briefly restores the element.