induction motor responseThis topic is very interesting on it very much any device and it is very contradictory.

In nature, there is a unique alternative source of energy , environmentally friendly, renewable, easy to use, which is still nowhere to be used. This source - the electric field of the Earth . 
The following describes a method of obtaining energy from this source. The method is based on the properties of the electric field of the Earth and the basic laws of electrostatics.

cold fusion

In the scientific and pseudo-scientific press for many years of tense debate about the reality of cold fusion and the generation of heat in devices of all sorts, the amount of which exceeds the amount of electrical or mechanical energy supplied to these devices from outside ( Overunity Generators).

The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used to power resistive loads. The technical result is to increase the efficiency of the energy converter.

The resonant power amplifier power frequency - it is a static electromagnetic device designed to enhance the capacity of power frequency of 50 Hz.


It has been known that metal gable etc. roofs need to be grounded because they tend to pull out of the atmosphere a lot of static proposed option "Leyden jar" allows the use of static for its own needs.