Hans Coler. A German naval captain called Hans Coler invented a COP>1 generator in 1925. He called this device the ‘Stromerzeuger’

and for a few watts from a dry battery it provided 6 kW continuously. He was refused development support because it was “a perpetual motion machine”. Hans also invented a passive device which he called the ‘Magnetstromapparat’. His unit required very careful and slow adjustment to get it operating but when it started it continued on test in a locked room for three months of continuous operation. Nobody, including Hans, seems any too sure how this device works but it is presented here in case you wish to research it further. It comprises six bar magnets wound as shown here. Some are wound in a clockwise direction when looking at the North pole and these are called “Right” those wound in an anticlockwise direction are called “Left”:

Invention of Hans Coler

These six magnets are arranged in a hexagon and wired as shown here:

And the schematic diagram is:

One extremely interesting feature of this passive device is that it has been witnessed producing 450 mV for several hours; it was capable of developing up to 12 Volts. The witnesses were quite sure that it was not picking up radio or mains input. So, what was it picking up? With magnets as the key component, it seems clear that it is the zero-point energy field which is being accessed, but clearly, the access represents a vanishingly small percentage of the actual power available

To operate the device, the switch is left in the open position, the magnets are moved slightly apart and the sliding coil set into various positions with a wait of several minutes between adjustments. The magnets are then separated still further and the coils moved again. This process is repeated until at a critical separation of the magnets, a voltage is developed. The switch is now closed and the process continued more slowly. The voltage then builds up to a maximum which is then maintained indefinitely. The position of the apparatus in the room and the orientation of the device had no effect on the output.

The magnets were selected to be as nearly equal in strength as possible and the resistance of the magnet and coil were checked after winding to make sure they were as nearly equal as possible (about 0.33 ohms).

As far as I am aware, nobody has managed to produce a successful replication of either of the Hans Coler devices, which is a pity since it seems clear that these devices have the potential to indicate the nature of the zero-point energy field and possibly, how it may be tapped efficiently.

A very neat construction of the Coler ‘Magnetstromapparat’ by an unknown German experimenter is shown below - I’m afraid without permission as I have no idea who he is or how to contact him to ask his permission. The quality of workmanship is impressive and the result is a very professional looking device. Notice the sliding coil arrangement at the bottom left with one coil being positioned closely inside another and held in place where the experimenter chooses:

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The resonant power amplifier power frequency - it is a static electromagnetic device designed to enhance the capacity of power frequency of 50 Hz.

0:00 Hello. My name is Flavio Thomas, I am from Austria and today I want to show you a very special and rather revolutionary invention.

My intention is to prove that this technology which I will show you now was probably in use several thousand years ago, so sit down and fasten your seatbelts.

0:31 Today I want to show you a new kind of energy, even though it may seem unbelievable at first. This practical and usable energy is available again today after a gap of thousands of years.

0:54 I must mention that there is indeed the possibility that this technology was used by our early ancestors. But time will tell when the experts give their verdict on this.

1:13 The theory is very simple and yet not that easy to understand fully. You see in front of you a pyramid made of metal. Firstly, neither the size of the pyramid nor the angle of its sides is in any way critical. I know this for a fact because I have constructed several pyramids of different sizes and angles and I can confirm that the size does not play a big role. However, there is one essential and critical item, which is that it is vital that the pick-up transducer and any associated components be placed exactly in the center of the pyramid, that is, at the focal point of the pyramid.

1:55 Maybe you remember the story where some decades ago, small pyramids were used to sharpen razor blades placed inside them. Also, some scientists found that you can preserve food placed inside a pyramid, in roughly the same way as freeze-dryiing the food. But even to this day, it is not clear what force or energy is involved when a razor blade becomes sharper when placed inside a pyramid.

2:30 This Phenomenon has fascinated me for several years. I have been searching for a way to transform this unknown energy, which definitely comes from the pyramid, into a convenient usable form.

2:46 The priciple of operation is very easy to understand. At the focal point of this pyramid, actually, slightly displaced from the focus, (I cannot explain clearly how this displacement is determined), I have mounted a capacitor, made of copper-plates. Let us discuss the construction materials:

3:10 The first two pyramids which I built, were of very simple construction. I tried to use only materials which have been available for the last 3,000 or 4,000 years. This idea caused major problems.

3:30 You see here my pyramid design Version 4. This pyramid is constructed using currently available materials. So in this construction there are one or two steel bolts, and acrylic plastic is used as an insulator rather than tar. The frame supporting the sensor is made from copper pipe, which in my experience is the most effective material for this construction.

4:02 I will now explain the constructional details. But first let us have a look inside the pyramid, so that I can explain better...

4:17 Inside the Pyramid there is a "converter". This converter is made of the capacitor-plate in the middle and its supporting frame. The supporting frame is only there to hold the component in place. (Note from Marcus: This is not strictly true. The support also performs bio-electrical stabilisation, and not just there to hold the sensor in place! So pay special attention to this part!)

4:38 In the left area there is a small magnet...

4:44 (points to magnet), which works as an "emitter". This magnet causes the initial oscillation, which is essential for the system to work. Whithout this magnet, the system will not work. I will demonstrate this fact shortly.

5:00 The little standard "consumer electronics" load being used here is very interesting and I will show it to you more closely.

5:08 This little electrical load is there for one purpose and one purpose only: namely to run on the energy from the pyramid and demonstrate that a standard electrical device can run on this energy. Another important thing which is also demonstrated is that the energy coming from the pyramid is not used up but is continously refreshed.

5:20 What you see here is a small standard PC cooling fan with a rating of 12V and a maximum current requirement of 1.1 Amps.

5:28 At this point in time, this fan has been running continuously for more than 30 days without running out of energy as the energy is continously refreshed.

5:50 We have here, something which must be investigated further. It is something which our present day standard science just will not accept. You have now seen the most important details of the system. The pyramid supplies 8.4V. The fan is taking 0.8 amps, and in addition, it produces an additional 0.05 amps of excess current.

6:23 This multimeter is not calibrated to a high degree of accuracy but it is easily accurate enough for this purpose, especially since the results agree with my other data.

6:48 On the left corner of the pyramid you see some marks on the floor.

6:58 This "scale" is very interesting and it is one of those things which I do not fully understand even to this day.

7:07 We discovered that when we aligned the pyramid in the exact North-South compass orientation,

referencing the magnetic North pole, there were fluctuations in the voltage and current produced by the


7:22 These fluctuations occured daily in periods of about 8 or 9 hours, and they reduced the power output by somewhere between 5% and 8%.

7:32 By rotating the pyramid slightly, taking it to the outer lines marked on the floor, that is, a bit to the left, it was found that the fluctuations stopped occuring.

7:48 It is only when the pyramid is aligned accurately in the North-South direction that it produces significant power. We really do not yet understand why this is. There are so many other things to do with this technology which we do not understand. (Note from Marcus: This orientation of the pyramid is a very important point)

8:08 I want to show you on the oscilloscope that, especially in the higher frequencies, we have a totally pure DC, without any of the inteference you get when using an ordinary transformer.

8:23 But rather oddly, the DC we get here sometimes does indeed have an AC component superimposed on it. This is another thing which we do not understand. If we wait a moment and we are lucky, I may be able to show you such a moment.

9:10 (Turning to the pyramid again). A very interesting effect is produced if we remove the “emmiter” magnet from the system. The moment we do this, the fan which the pyramid is powering stops.

9:58 When we replace the magnet, (you hear the sound already) the motor runs again.

10:18 The strength of the magnet has never decreased. This means the power being produced is not coming from the magnet itself. This is something which other people find very difficult to accept. (Note from Marcus: This is also a very important point)

10:35 (Shows setup).

11:11 (Closup of emitter and "stabiliser frame").

(Note from Marcus: pay special attention to the wires around the copper pipes)

11:54 (Note special wiring) 12:17 (End of video)

Have fun with this Translation of the speech about Biopower Pyramid, translated by Marcus Wagner.. If you find any mistakes and spellings, you can keep 'em ;cP



In nature, there is a unique alternative source of energy , environmentally friendly, renewable, easy to use, which is still nowhere to be used. This source - the electric field of the Earth . 
The following describes a method of obtaining energy from this source. The method is based on the properties of the electric field of the Earth and the basic laws of electrostatics.

induction motor responseThis topic is very interesting on it very much any device and it is very contradictory.

The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used to power resistive loads. The technical result is to increase the efficiency of the energy converter.

cold fusion

In the scientific and pseudo-scientific press for many years of tense debate about the reality of cold fusion and the generation of heat in devices of all sorts, the amount of which exceeds the amount of electrical or mechanical energy supplied to these devices from outside ( Overunity Generators).


It has been known that metal gable etc. roofs need to be grounded because they tend to pull out of the atmosphere a lot of static proposed option "Leyden jar" allows the use of static for its own needs.