Hydrogen fuel from the used vegetable oil

The power effective expedient of reception of hydrogen fuel is found from... The vegetable oil used by a public catering.

Process is convenient that not only частично обеспечивает itself energy, but also does not lead to issue of carbonic gas. «We work over making of the concept of hydrogen economy, - Valeri Dupont from university of Leeds (Great Britain) speaks.

- Fuel on the basis of hydrogen is useful both for cars, and for large power stations. But hydrogen does not meet in the nature, and we should devise system which would allow to gain it on a constant bottom. For example, a trajectory processings of a waste. In this case - vegetable oil ».

The Mrs. Dupont and its colleagues have developed the self-warmed up process proticking in 2 stages. To begin with the nickel catalytic agent is immixed with air for reception nickel oxside is the exothermic stage which is capable to lift reference temperature with 650 on 200 degrees. Fuel and a steam intermixture then react with hot оксидом nickel, oozing hydrogen and carbonic gas.

It is necessary to add a material for catching of dioxide of carbon - and here we not only we gain pure hydrogen, but also we support response.

«Hydrogen starts to be oozed almost at once, and you should not wait, when all catalytic agents will be transmuted into pure nickel, - Valeri Dupont rejoices. - thus it is constantly generated warmly, and it too does process very effective».

Double-reduction process has perfectly proved to be during experiments in the small reactor. The Mrs. Dupont and colleagues want to dilate now gauges of examinations and to adjust manufacture of great volumes of hydrogen during the long-term continuance of time: «All charm of this technology consists that it is efficient at any level. Than more we can generate the electric power with the help Hydrogen fuel сells at local level, the there will be electricity transmission losses on wires less».