Electricity from Space

The substance of Le Bon and Moreh is a cosmic energy in a condensed form. This means that the substance can result in a plasma state and to cause its rapid decomposition and conversion to electricity.

A prototype used for proof of concept, generates energy through decomposition of the substance, whereby the circuit operates.This is accomplished by creating a plasma field between the electrical conductors. Electrons are released and returned to the circuit, where they are converted into useful energy.

Oscillation of the plasma at the proper wavelength, like the spark acts on the weight of the explosive, without releasing the heat, and the electrical particles. Thus, obtaining the fourth state of matter (plasma) leads to the fact that energy is condensed (solid) is converted into a non-condensed ("radiant energy"). The reaction is far superior force, call it as released energy stored in the material. The energy condensed in the elements of matter, is enormous. As a result of this huge amount of energy is released with only a small loss of substance.

In accordance with the law of conservation of energy, the transfer a certain amount of energy of the material body, this energy can be converted, but the body never recover the same amount of energy that has been applied to it. This principle is considered to be too obvious to be questioned. It seems logical that the substance may just give the energy that was given to him, and can not generate excess energy. Thus, the substance can be excited by the accumulated impact of the interatomic energy. The condensed material may not be fused, if the vibrations are sufficiently intense. Thus there is a transformation in the "radiant energy." No laws of physics is not violated, it is the expansion of their use. The first law of thermodynamics describes the principle of conservation of energy. It states that "energy is neither created nor destroyed; it just changes form. " In fact, the creation or destruction of energy is a result of breaking or forming substance. These processes go hand in hand.

Natural radioactive isotopes were created as a result of bombardment by cosmic rays of ordinary matter over billions of years.Their matrix became unbalanced. The use of a suitable catalyst will lead to the fact that these isotopes will be forced to return to the original balanced state. A huge amount of electric energy can be recovered from the transformation of the accumulated energy of space. These isotopes are old reservoir of energy that can be released by using a method invented by me.

What is the spontaneous radioactive decay? Is it over-charged state of matter? If the atom can be ionized by the addition or loss of electrons, why can not the nuclear ionization? Suppose that atoms really are ionized at the nuclear level by the addition or loss of neutrons. This phenomenon may seem random, but it can also be the basis super chemistry. It is very likely that this hypothetical phenomenon is behind the natural spontaneous radioactive decay, and thus explains many unresolved issues of nuclear science.