Generation of light energy does not require any non-traditional areas of science, bypassing the principles of "common" physics. My invention is a unique method of using the long-known source of energy. I was able to find virtually inexhaustible source of energy. "Radiant energy" has existed since the beginning of time. I managed to create an improved method for generating and converting radiation energy kinetically active ions, cosmic energy (can be variously called this phenomenon) into usable electricity. Just imagine the generator operating at the expense of "radiant energy" which could serve as a kind of energy detonator capable of releasing an enormous amount of energy. Furthermore, to actuate a device requires only one small spark. It does not require the invention of any new laws of physics and do not violate any of the existing laws. In this case, simply expanding their use. 
The power generated by means of the proposed schemes of me originates from the transformation of matter in the "radiant energy." It is not the result of the splitting of atoms. In order to achieve significant power from receiving self-induced radioactive substance required unsafe amounts of radioactive material. 
When the conditions are met to make an ordinary material can generate intense peaks "radiant energy" which can be locked via a radio static noise. Make a device that would be able to effectively capture this energy and convert it into useful electric current, and you get a powerful source of electricity. This instrument will receive the energy from the artificially fissile material, in accordance with the description given by Gustave Le Bon in his book "The Evolution of substance" and "Evolution of power". 
Energy and matter are two special entities having similar symptoms. The substance is stable condensed form of energy. Heat, light, electricity, etc. vibrations are unfused substances characterized by fluctuations of different frequency. "Space Energy" - a term that Le Bon used to determine the matter and energy as one and the same manifestation. He suggested that when the stability of the substance disintegrates, it is transformed into energy, that is what is perceived by us as heat, light, electricity, radioactivity, etc.

Ion Lamp
Fig. 1 Ionic Lamp

Semiconductors generate an intense inflow of electron oscillations, which are a powerful source of "radiant energy".Simple ion lamp can be used for the generation and transformation of this form of "radiant energy" to useful electromagnetic waves.Appropriately tuned transformer can be used for the direct conversion of these oscillations in voltage and amperage. This unique lamp shown in Fig. 1. In normal operation, the lamp must be connected to a suitable power source. The diagram in Fig. 2 shows the operating concept in general.

Radiant Energy
Fig. 2 

Other embodiments are also possible. Conceptual diagram shows how the "radiant energy" can be generated and transformed into a useful electrical current. To increase the capacity, you can add a large number of additional steps. It can be used by a variety of other schemes and layout options, but the fundamental principle of the conversion remains unchanged. These circuits and components give an absolutely clear idea of ​​how the technology works as a whole. Practical mechanics and electronics used in the design and evaluation of a prototype power devices are relatively simple. Contrary to prevailing opinion, in my devices are never used the dangerous levels of radioactivity.

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