Bruce A. Perrot, United States

With the appropriate configuration and enabling environment quasi-glow discharge, can be released more electrons than it takes to start this release. The release of energy causes a high-frequency vibrations, which is significant for the metal or metals involved in this process. 
The release of high-frequency energy from metals and semi-metals (semiconductors) using quasi-tleyugaego discharge leads to the formation of "radiant energy" (Editor: We present the original author's term, that most accurately conveys the essence of the phenomenon, compared with the accepted term "radiant energy"). This correlation has been found in the process of my own research. The release of the high-frequency energy from electrical conductors atoms was confirmed by the results of studies on the mechanism of quasi-glow discharge or a fourth state of matter. Thus, it is an unusually effective alternative schemes energy. 
Condition quasi glow discharge occurs when a gap exists between the two electric conductors is applied sufficiently large difference charges. If the electrodes are surrounded by air, the process is accompanied by a hissing sound. Electrical properties are subject to change at the break: the electrons are "losing" their atoms and released. In this state, the air is ionized, and is transformed into a plasma, whereby it ceases to be a gas. Thus, we get a fourth state of matter, in addition to well-known solid, liquid and gaseous. The fourth condition is characterized by good electrical conductivity. Average resistance substance in this state is much lower than in the gaseous phase. 
The combination of lead and iron is readily available sequence that can be used to create the spark gap. This combination generates a large amount of "radiant energy" and can cause radio interference. Generally, the better the difference in the thermoelectric couple heterogeneous, the more radiation energy generated by the impact of the plasma field. I first turned to the phenomenon of quasi-glow in the early summer of 1981 I was able to observe the process of occurrence of discharge between the two connection cables with plastic insulation, which were purchased by me in the shop of radio components. The plasma between the two wires has arisen because of the high voltage supply, it was necessary to conduct an experiment on electrogravitics. The wires are twisted together, and fed them charge about ninety kilovolts. 
Observe oscilloscope using high-frequency signal, called a quasi-glow discharge, I was only in 1989, the signals pass through the room and generated with the help of a primitive device constructed by me. The device is a guitar string stretched in the center of the PVC pipe. The tube was wrapped insulated transformer wire. It was the first made ​​me ionic bulb. She was excited using the same energy source, through which a few years before I was able to observe the appearance of the plasma effect. 
I knew that my ion lamp generates a high-frequency vibration, with the help of air ions, however, until 1995, I could not find it practical application. In 1995, I realized the importance of ion lamp created by me, and associated high-frequency ion field, which, according to Moret, called radiant energy. (The availability of this energy is a fundamental principle of the power receiving device designed Moray). 
With the help of one of the experiments, it was confirmed that when a charged capacitor is discharged across the spark gap, having left the electricity is transmitted via high-frequency electrical oscillations. It has been found that such vibrations occur immediately prior to discharge of the capacitor, hence the name "quasi-glow" discharge. It has been found that quasi-stable period of a glow discharge characterized by a transfer of energy from the primary coil to the secondary. Immediately after the quasi-glow observed emission current. At the time of peak current energy contained in the capacitor is released by the heat loss. Obviously, maintaining quasi-stable period of the glow discharge is a very effective way to transfer 
and energy conversion. Therefore, a corresponding control mechanism, which is based can be put ion my lamp. In further studies it was found that the lamp remains stable vibration quasi glow discharge is suppressed and the emission current in the spark gap.Thus, we are dealing with a self-regulating device redemption charges. If you place it in series with a transformer without core and arc gap, the plasma it begins to emit uniform hiss. The arc in the spark gap almost silent and very small. Prolonged vibrations can be observed using an oscilloscope. The light bulb connected to the secondary winding starts to burn brightly. This result would have been impossible without the use of the scheme in the ionic bulb. The lamp also has the additional capability to prevent discharge back electromotive force generated by the inductive loads. Without the use of the ion during discharge lamps usually is lost energy and its conversion into heat. The ionic lamp thus has the effect of saving energy.