With little impact exerted by the quasi-glow discharge in the spark gap, or in the absence of such effects in the case of spontaneously decaying radioactive bodies, such as uranium-235, we can get a lot of energy. It is obvious that we can not create this energy release, since it already exists in the matter, we simply create the right conditions for its release. Such conditions are not beyond the law of conservation of energy. The notion that the substance can be transformed into energy, seem absurd as long as no effect was recognized nuclear transformation.

The new science, becoming a reality, includes the concept of means of transformation of matter into energy without the splitting of atoms. This science admits several isotopes substance spontaneously release energy, as is the case with natural radioisotopes. My research shows that one can also artificially accelerate the process of dissolution of the condensed natural energy (substances), by using a plasma field microscope, as in the case of quasi-glow discharge, etc. With a very small amount of energy we will be able to produce enormous amounts of energy without resorting to splitting atoms.


Nature provides us with cosmic energy, which manifests itself in various forms. Electricity is just one of these manifestations. Based on this postulate, we can obtain electric power without the use of the device (rotor type) having moving parts. In nature, there are many reservists this cosmic energy. Surrounding us is waiting for its energy transformation. Energy extraction device is only one example of the above. Destination device - to extract and transform the electric discharge in the electric current. The device uses a naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM).To create a device requires a pair of dissimilar metal electrodes, a porous ceramic insulating material that serves as a gasket between them, and a weak electrolyte. The low-power devices extract the NORM contains minor impurities. They are always present in clays and usually - in ceramic materials.

To create an extraction device, generating a greater amount of energy you need to add an additional amount of radioactive material into the dielectric. Lead-210 is the best option, because it has a half-life of approximately 223 years, and is a pure beta (electron) emitter. This half-life is almost twice longer than for tritium. This means that it is possible to create a device which provides power for a few years and hardly needs extra maintenance. Lead-210 is a decay product of radon gas. The starting material of radon is uranium. Thus, it is possible using the atomized uranium ore is mixed with a ceramic material. Atomic ions emitted by natural or artificially induced transformations can be directly converted into electrical energy. This scheme can be used to convert "radiant energy" into useful electric current. To increase the capacity can be used more stages. This diagram gives an idea of ​​how the power conversion device. This technology is in any case not be reduced to a single schema, configuration, or source "radiant energy."

Bruce A. Perrot, United States