MHD-GENERATOR modelThe MHD-GENERATOR is the future major power. On power stations of tomorrow it will exchange present coppers and turbogenerators. Such generator will converse energy горячею ionisation gas or plasma to electrical energy.

MHD-GENERATOR model it is figured on fig. 1 (more low), more precisely, it not the generator, and the accelerator as we will not gain energy, and to deliver. Plasma will be exchanged by an alkaline accumulator electrolyte. An electromagnet usual - with a field gradient in a crack 796... 1,6x103 A/m

If is not present approaching it is possible to apply the transformer with a crack on the average a core core 1. The crack there is less, it is more number of coils of the reel and current, the better. In a crack the channel is disposed 2 For "the plasma", made of plates of plexiglas with electrodes 3 from any

metal. To these interior electrodes 3 accurately we bring food wires («+» and «-»).


Fig. 1. MHD-GENERATOR model.


The device eats from a network through the rectifier 4 with a controller. It can serve as the pump for electrolytes, a fountain for the fluids spending a current, and etc. But the main thing, model allows to understand a principle of operation of MHD-GENERATORS practically.