It has been known that metal gable etc. roofs need to be grounded because they tend to pull out of the atmosphere a lot of static proposed option "Leyden jar" allows the use of static for its own needs.


Device generator is very simple. Those who have a board, "aluminum foil dining room" (such a roll), glue, scissors and a bit of wires suggest making table generator of the pyramid! Fig.1

Electricity pyramids

Samu pyramid make "Layer Cake" (sm.kartinu) the most important thing is the order of the layers on the outside, "non-metal" (dry cardboard, plastic, etc.) and in aluminum foil. The number of "layers of the pie" in proportion to the resulting effect, and of "granite" helps thickness "non-metal" and the sheer size of the pyramid - does that affect "the frequencies used" pyramid - ie larger building - the stronger the effect, as the "big sailing."

Granite stones wrapped in foil. See. Figure 1.2

Electricity pyramids

If lazy glue layer by layer. You can simply make a pyramid of wood veneer. But all the same, each granite stone should be wrapped in plastic foil. Further foil walls significantly enhances the effect.


What is stud M12? Pin M12- is structural steel bolt. M12 - a metric thread 12mm.

Should the foil in contact with the gravel? The one that "the wall of the pyramid - NO !!! themselves" stones "- yes, that is, they like candy wrapped in foil - it's like, how baked potatoes in foil. Do I need to short-circuit the interconnect layers of foil in the wall ?? ?? NO !!!!!!!!!!! All makes accurate figure on the wall !!! foil must not come into contact with the bottom of the grounded plate.

Signatures where the picture is clear - but where to get the granite? Go out - granite chips completely around - our favorite gravel. Or gather up near a construction site. It should be well washed granite chips from dirt and dry well.

Collect "dry."

- "Filling" inside layer to the "granite chips" - you can play with sand, plaster if not, but you can not sleep - the effect will still be ...

-Some Effect will even be in a 'pin just inside "(you can just connect the wiring to the inner layer of foil) and an empty pyramid standing on conductive podstavke-" earth. "

- Orientation to play - an interesting experience.

And a photo of the prototype with granite. Figure 2. Work

Electricity pyramids

Maybe even with the top of the prototype antenku with mesh soldered. If there is a desire.


Where the bottom right (+) and (-) - to connect a "tester" (voltage measurement) and look at the result. Different values for different versions - but you can get 1.2--2.5Volta with pyramid approximately 20cm. Should be enough to power a small clock and a radio ... And if a large pile up - and then more ...

I deliberately did not complicate "experience" - because the real "granite capsules" need to do a little wrong, but this is for a stronger effect - those who want to produce desktop toys "pyramid-energy source."

For those who understand how the world works - that of pasture material lying under their feet, and knowledge is able to create "eternal spring.

Alexander Soroka