DARK ENERGYScientists have calculated that the share of the visible mass in the universe accounts for approximately 5% ordinary matter, and the rest is 70% - this is the contribution of "vacuum energy", and 25% - the contribution of "dark matter» - a matter we can not see, but it exists.

Dark matter is completely clear that emits no light, or other electromagnetic waves, it is not crowding together under the action of gravity. It manifests itself only through gravitational interaction with ordinary matter.Usually they say that is cold dark matter (of WIMP - particles) and hot dark matter (neutrinos and axions - also particles).

Also proved the existence of "dark energy" (vacuum), which has a negative pressure, i.e has antigravity properties start from ordinary matter. I guess it also has some particles (for example, negatively charged). And, in my opinion, the clue "dark energy" is in the Meissner effect (expulsion of a magnetic field from a superconductor - a magnet levitation over a superconductor at t = - 270 ° C)! How can I get dark matter and dark energy? I think that this is built LHC accelerator at CERN. Overclocking and colliding protons there the speed of light and the energy of 14 TeV, you can try to get a mini - Big Bang, as in our universe 13.7 billion years ago.. And look: where as a result of this explosion delos matter where antimatter, where dark matter and dark energy, and where. And then try to get them in the laboratory.

The Americans are exploring the solar system in search of dark energy, it is modeled on a supercomputer and want to get her laboratory in 10-20 years (John C. Mather - one of the leaders of NASA). Given this dark energy in a laboratory it can be used both for peaceful and military purposes as follows: 1. In my opinion, if you create this "dark energy" on Earth, it can be used as an anti-gravity engine, ie. . engine with which you can fly above the Earth and the planets of the solar system. 2. Second, if you get this dark energy in a laboratory, then it can be used in relation to controlled thermonuclear fusion. After all, as you know, to hold the plasma in a tokamak magnets consumes large amounts of electricity, and so scientists around the world are looking for ways to solve the problem of superconductivity at room temperature. To date, only reached a temperature limit of -. 175 ° C.

I propose to do without superconductivity follows. Dark energy, which has the property to alienate ordinary matter, can be used, in my opinion, in tokamaks like tornoidalnyh and spherical instead of magnets that hold the plasma. And then, "dark energy" will repel from the walls of the tokamak plasma and hold it in balance instead of magnetic fields.Thus, it can be dispensed without solving the problem of superconductivity at a temperature of +25 ° C. For this we need to make double the outer wall of a tokamak, between which and dark energy will be placed. This will make energy use and cost-effective on a commercial scale tokamaks. 3. Third. As you know, after 70 years in the world run out of oil and gas, and another 50-100 years and uranium. Will provide electricity only wind generators, solar generators and hydroelectric power plants.

In addition, wind power generators can be placed only in the plains or on the coasts, solar energy efficient in southern countries, and hydropower plants are near large rivers. Thus, mankind in 100 years could face a serious energy crisis. How to avoid it? I propose to build a power plant on the "dark energy", which has the property of anti-gravity (ie repulsion from itself ordinary matter). Make this power can be very simple and as follows: a large wheel, which will perform the function of the turbine, it is necessary to establish in the world in a certain volume of "dark energy" so that it was under one part of the wheel (eg, left). Then, since the left side of the wheel will be located on a volume with the "dark energy", it will build on it up or is in a state of weightlessness. And the right side of the wheel, which is above the Earth, will be attracted to the Earth due to gravity. And thus, the wheel is rotated all the time, for producing electricity is already known scheme. Here's to you, and a perpetual motion machine.

Next, you need to put a series of wheels-turbines on the "dark energy" and it will be a powerhouse, with eco-friendly. Such plants can be built in the northern latitudes in the future, in areas far from major rivers, and where there is little wind. 4. Finally, the military use of dark energy. Dark energy can be collected in bunches, so - it's probably some scalar field. Under its influence the universe through a large period of time (20 billion. S) may or shrink again (if it kvintensentsiya) or scatter on atoms (if this phantom energy). This field can not generate an ordinary baryonic matter, it must give rise to some new particles (probably negatively charged). Therefore, if the dark energy would phantom energy, then it can help to break down into atoms any items and objects.

The author: Alexey Kuzilin