terrestrial magnetism

As you know, the easiest way to magnetize metal object is to touch them to the magnet. This article will discuss about another, rather unusual and perhaps, like me, an unknown, but very curious way.Perhaps it is not particularly practical, but, nevertheless, this method exists.

We challenge you a glass of water and put on the table, a hammer, a poker and steel pen. How, using only the exhibited items, you can build a good compass?

It was one of the most difficult tasks. We were surprised by this bizarre set of things, and most of us confused poker with a hammer. In the end, we said to the authors of this problem, that no matter how they are wise, and without the magnet, they still would not be able to magnetize. This was followed by the most unexpected answer:

- We did not think magnetizing, do not use a magnet. 
However, the magnet that we have in mind is available to every person.

He did not buy, do not magnetize. Its field lines permeate us constantly - whether we want it or not. This  magnetic earth.

to make their own hands compass

Fig. 1. Our compass.

The problem that we are implementing the following way: the influence of  terrestrial  magnetism, we magnetized poker and poker magnetized steel pen, and which replaced the compass needle. Perot we lowered gently onto the surface of the water in the glass a little pre-greased his fat (you can just rub it with your fingers). Bacon grease pen or, better yet, paraffin or stearin should be to ensure that it is not wetted by water and sinking is not so easy to start. This compass is sensitive enough and suitable for various works. Cuddly quickly calms down and does not produce such infinite oscillation, like a needle on a thread (Fig. 1).

In magnetized poker, as each rod of magnetized iron or steel, at one end will be the North Pole, and the other - the south. Taking the steel a feather, we have made ​​it to the North Pole Seredka poker and carried it over the end of the poker from the middle to the tip (Fig. 2). 
So we rubbed a few times a feather, slipping over the end of the pen to the middle of the poker sharp end. Then we put a feather in the middle of another, the upper end of the poker (the south pole) and also sang to them a few times, but not to the sharp end and a blunt. These manipulations we have done ten times. Cuddly magnetized, and as feathers are made ​​of hardened steel, long retained its magnetism.

magnetized needle

Fig. 2. So we magnetized feather

poker. Particularly good results

It happens in the event that through

some time to subject the pen

new magnetization.


At the sharp end he had a south pole, and dull - north. Poker, we magnetized very simple. Each iron bar or a piece of iron, which would be placed and the plane of the magnetic meridian, magnetized. It has long been observed that iron pipes or rods, stood stock more or less long time, acquire magnetic properties. At the lower end they formed the North Pole, and on top - the south.This magnetization is the stronger, the more precisely one end of an iron stick will be sent to the South Magnetic Pole, which is located near the north geographic pole. In our northern hemisphere this end will always be lower. 
If an iron rod is made ​​of soft iron on (chemically pure), it is magnetized immediately as soon as it is given according to the direction. But ordinary corrupt iron is not pure iron, carbon zhelezom- it. It is magnetized very slowly. 
However, the c reproach magnetization can be strong and sharp shocking magnetized poles.

We put on a poker table so that one end of it was directed to the north, and the other - to the south (the north pole of the earth we have identified for the North Star). Then the end of poker, which was sent to the south, we have to raise up to those holes, is not formed with a poker table top, more precisely, with the horizontal plane, the angle of about 70 o *.

*  The angle (angle of inclination) on the pole (magnetic) is equal to 90 o the equator - o, in Leningrad (Petersburg) - 70 37 '.


Then we took a hammer and hit hard several times on the upper end of poker. Magnetize the pen should not bringing poker out of the said provision, since although she retains the magnetic properties at any position, but the greatest force only when they reach an angle of inclination of 70 o.

It should also be noted that the success of this experiment depends on the length and thickness of the rod. The longer and thicker the rod, the stronger they can magnetize the pen. The length of our poker was about 1.5 m and a diameter of about 2 cm.

In order to make a final that our feather magnetized, we approached him, after dropping the pen on the surface of the water, one end of poker. 
It turned out that he drew the sharp end of a feather and repels stupid. It was a sure sign that poker and pen magnetized. As expected, the end of poker, which we offer to the pen, was magnetized north magnetism.